mbbr (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) – Meteor™ MBBR

MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) – Meteor™ MBBR
Biological process for the advanced treatment of pollutants in a modular system of fixed cultures.

The MeteorTM MBBR is a biological process with fixed fluidized cultures that keeps the micro-organisms in the reactors dedicated to a specific processing step, thus promoting the development of the purifying biomass. We thereby distinguish pre-denitrification from the elimination of carbon, nitrification and post-denitrification.

2 types of separation :

The separation tank is located downstream from the biological reactor and is composed of either :

  • a high-speed flotation system (GreendafTM MW) or
  • a mechanical filtration system (CompackblueTM)

according to the level of suspended solids leaving the MBBR.

key figures

  • Reinforced expertise by 7 years of partnership with HYDROXIL SYSTEM (USA)
  • More than 847,000 m3 treated water per day with METEOR
  • Up to 50% of saved footprint

among references

  • Moorhead (Minnesota, USA) 23,000 m3/d
  • Flexible use
    • Works continuously
    • Modular and upgradable equipment that can adapt to all plant sizes and to all treatment objectives
    • Adaptable for the treatment of low-temperature effluents
  • Performance & Environment
    • Optimized compactness of the biological unit and the sludge separator
    • Allows for targeted and therefore optimized treatment nutrients (nitrogen, carbon)
    • Meets the most stringent discharge standards

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