compact lamellar settling – Sedipac™ 3D

Combined treatment for grit & grease removal and primary settling functions.

The Sedipac™ 3D is a wastewater treatment process adapted to all types of facility from 15,000 PE.

The Sedipac™ 3D combines 3 pretreatment functions – grit removal, grease removal and settling – into one single work using separate dedicated areas.

key figures

  • High velocity of treatment: 10 to 25 m/h
  • 3 times more compact than a conventional primary settling tank
  • 3 functions of pretreatment in 1 single work

among our references

  • Csepel (Hungary) 1,500,000 PE
  • Xiamen (China) 1,200,000 PE
  • La Feyssine (France) 300,000 PE
  • Castelo Blanco (Portugal) 100,000 PE
  • Clear water with high treatment speeds without any chemicals
  • Proven compact size that limits environmental impact
  • Easy to cover : olfactory impact under control
  • Modular design that allows parallel installation of several devices to a large range of facilities
  • Number of electro-mechanical equipment units reduced to the minimum
  • Device for recovering floating material, which facilitates operation

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