primary treatment by filtration – Primegreen™

primary treatment by filtration – Primegreen
A compact solution to reduce sludge treatment line.

The PrimagreenTM is a primary filtration system on a continuous belt (metallic filter). PrimagreenTM can treat sludge from the secondary clarifier or from Greendaf MW too.

PrimagreenTM is an alternative to Sedipac™ and Densadeg®.

key figure

  • Solids dryness around 20-30%
  • Suitable for confined-space problematic: low foot print, compactness
  • Minimal civil work costs (only equipment)
  • Easy to integrate in an existing plant
  • No need of reagents with similar performances as settler
  • Fully automated for easy operation
  • Adaptation of load variations (good adaptability for tourist areas)
  • Avoiding thickening stagedue to high sludge dryness

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