cleared water treatment through out/in ultrafiltration modules for reuse applications – Ultrablue™ Smartrack™

Wastewater Treatment using Ultrafiltration
The Ultrablue™ Smartrack™ offers a regular verification of fibers using an automated integrity test. This system functions on an Out/In principle (filtration from the exterior towards the interior of the membrane) in order to treat directly settled or floated water.

Ultrablue™ Smartrack™ is a rack, capable of accommodating ultrafiltration membrane modules of different brands, presenting varied dimensions as well as different connections.

Made for the extension as well as the rehabilitation of existing plants, it consists in 3 parts:

  • the facade (called the ‘‘valve racks’’) where the valves, instrumentation and electrical connections are located
  • ‘‘inter-piping’’ or the 3 networks that connect to the rack
  • the ‘‘module rack’’ where the ultrafiltration modules are attached

Ultrablue™ Smartrack™ brings sanitary guarantee by means of the ultrafiltration which is an excellent bacteriological barrier. Moreover, the product allows an optimization on operating costs and provides flexible integration to any site configuration, for an extension or rehabilitation facility.

key figures

  • Removal up to 6 log on Cryptosporidium
  • Adaptable to any plant size as it is able to handle a capacity of 200 to 22,000 m3/day per rack.
  • The rack can receive the 4 main supplier brands of market modules (ASAHI, DOW, GE, TORAY)
  • Freedom to choose suppliers of membranes
  • Return on investment : The installation of new membranes requires no modifications to the installation
  • Pre-assembled, rack elements are easy to transport
  • Standardized, industrialized system and easy maintenance
  • Disassembly without special tools

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