tertiary phosphate removal – Greendaf™TW - video

tertiary phosphate removal – Greendaf™TW
Rapid flotation, providing higher flotation speeds, and reduced flocculation time.

This GreendafTM belongs to the rapid dissolved air-flotation technology range and is specially designed for the clarification of secondary water.

The patented perforated floor creates optimized hydraulics, which allows the system to function at higher flotation velocities.

key figures

  • Reduce phosphorous levels by up to 0.3 mg per liter
  • More than 35 flotation references worldwide

Video presentation of the operating principle of the Greendaf™

  • Compact installation
  • Low chemical consumption
  • Limited mechanical equipment
  • Easy to operate
  • Instant start-up and shut down without special precautions
  • Patented hydraulic piston flocculation without energy consumption

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