surface treatment (degreasing and metal coating)

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Metal coating of various surfaces (metal, plastic…) is carried out in a great number of facilities which vary substantially in size and age.

The waste streams include:

  • metal-plated component rinsing liquor;
  • spent plating baths (no longer suitable for use).

Therefore, the quantity and quality of these effluents will depend on the nature and concentration of the baths and on workshop engineering (e.g. draining timebetween baths and rinsing, presence of a plating barrel…).

Therefore, a thorough understanding of engineering of a specific facility is required before any treatment design can be considered in order to optimise rinsing water flow rates and to consider recovering raw materials wherever possible.

The actual treatment systems can be classified in two major groups: open system (detoxification) treatment or recycling that will dovetail to a greater or lesser extent.

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