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paper mill - NSI Golbey - manufacturing newsprint TMP + DIPSecured image
Figure 17. Integrated paper mill – NSI Golbey (France): manufacturing newsprint from TMP + DIP – 550,000 tons per year
Stora Enso paper mill - CorbehemSecured image
Photo 10. Stora Enso paper mill – Corbehem (Pas-de-Calais, France) – Output: 72,000 m3· d–1
Paper mill – M Real  - chemical pulp + printing-writing paperSecured image
Figure 18. Paper mill – M Real (Germany) – Integrated plant: chemical pulp + printing-writing paper – 360,000 tons per year
Recycled paper - Smurfit VernonSecured image
Figure 19. Recycled paper - Smurfit Vernon (France): 50,000 tons per year of plain paper for photocopiers
Paper mill coated paperSecured image
Figure 20. Paper mill (Italy): 280,000 tons per year of coated paper

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