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The seven figures below (figures 3 to 9) consist of diagrams taken from several SUEZ references. They illustrate the types of treatment systems used in these industries as well as the resulting effluent quality.

Starch - glucose Secured image
Figure 3. Starch/glucose plant: output 300 m3· h–1
flour mill – starch works - marquette-lez-Lille  Secured image
Photo 2. SI Lesaffre yeast works (flour mill – starch works) (Marquette-lez-Lille, France) – Output: 4,100 m3· d–1
Tomato canning - SpainSecured image
Figure 4. Tomato canning plant (Spain): 3,000 tons per day
dairy - Unigate - yogurt dairy desserts Secured image
Figure 5. Unigate – Dairy - LLO (France): 40,000 tons per year of yogurt and dairy desserts
Brewery – Central de Cervejas Secured image
Figure 6. Brewery – Central de Cervejas (Portugal): 3,000,000 hL per year
Biotechnology – Biotalia – Lysine Secured image
Figure 8. Biotechnology – Biotalia – Lysine production plant (Italy): 22,000 tons per year
Bigard abattoirsSecured image
Figure 9. Bigard abattoirs: COD = 17 tons per day – TKN = 810 kg per day

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